I will be the first to admit that I am not a huge fan of supplements so my jiu-jitsu preworkout has always been a cup or two of black coffee. Most supplement companies are bogus and often mislead customers into believing that what they are taking is legitimate, as read on the label. The huge problem with the supplement industry is that you rarely get what you pay for and there are many “proprietary blends” that include all sorts of ingredients that are anything but what the company says it is. For example, most BCAA’s on the market are typically made from hair and feathers (click here), which is gross.

For this reason, I’ve stuck with Natural Stacks as my primary supplement company for a few years now. Natural Stacks makes sure their product is open-sourced and uses only the best ingredients. It is nice to know that what I am taking is actually what the product says it is. Integrity means a lot, especially when it’s something I put into my body.

My Jiu-jitsu Preworkout: Natural Stacks BCAAs PLUS MycoBoost

I started taking Natural Stacks when the company was first starting out and only had a couple of products to their name. As the company grew, so did the product line and when their BCAAs came out, I was hooked. I started taking their BCAAs every morning upon waking with my coffee and again right before training. Nowadays, I just take BCAAs right before a workout opting instead for their Whey Protein to be combined with my Butter coffee. I feel the difference when I do not take it. My muscles are typically more fatigued and sore during and after training sessions and subsequent training at a higher intensity is difficult. Taking BCAAs before training makes things much more manageable for me as my muscles are fueled during my workout allowing for better recovery.

Over the last few months, NS recently came out with a new product called MycoBoost, which is made with Cordyceps mushrooms and is designed to boost your oxygen intake and delivery to your cells. I have been combining this with my BCAAs before training and the results are HUGE.

How they Work

The BCAAs help my training by preserving my muscle tissue with more effective repair during and after my training. Since adding MycoBoost before sparring sessions, I noticed I have had much more energy. My lungs feel great; they feel like they are being used to their full capacity. I am breathing much more deeply and I am not running out of breath. I have gas in the tank and usually feel like I have a few more rounds left in me. Adding MycoBoost has been a crucial part to my overall endurance. Research suggests that MycoBoost works by enhancing blood flow and making energy production in your body much more efficient.

I strongly recommend giving this combination a shot. Click the link here and use Jiujitology for 10% off your order! 

Click the link above and if you’re not into it, there’s a full 100% money back guarantee!

If you have any questions about any of their products, comment below and I am happy to answer them!

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