What is the ONE SIMPLE THING you might be missing to take your training and recovery to the next level??

As a black belt in Jiu-jitsu, I know how important it is to recover from training sessions. One of my biggest problems is always adequately hydrating. I drink a ton of water but that STILL does not get rid of the fatigue or the muscle cramps after, and EVEN WORSE, DURING a hard training session.

If you train Jiujitsu or any other combat or high intensity sport, you know how much fluid you can lose in your average session.

In jiu-jitsu, nothing gets sweatier than intense Gi training in a poorly air-conditioned gym. Even an intense NoGi session, with all of its slipperiness will drain the fluids right out of you and spill them all over the mat. In an hour-long sparring session, it is common to lose between 3 and 5lbs of water weight just from training and the BIG problem is, you don’t just lose water.

You also lose VALUABLE vitamins and minerals that keep your body functioning. See the problem?

Rehydration is IMPORTANT if you want to replenish your body’s fluids to keep performing.

Dehydration can cause the following problems:

  • -Fatigue and Poor Recovery
  • -Injury Risk
  • -Muscle Cramps

Before 1 Hour Sparring Session: Weight without Gi

After 1 Hour Sparring Session with Water Breaks between Rounds: Weight Without Gi.

If you’ve ever experienced any of these symptoms during or after a training session, chances are you are not hydrating properly. The fact is, very few people take adequate hydration seriously deciding to only drink water and in some cases coconut water to help recover. This is simply not enough.

Have you ever noticed that sweat is salty?

As I mentioned earlier, when we sweat, our bodies don’t just release water… We also lose a LOT of valuable minerals with it including Sodium, Chloride, Potassium and Magnesium. These all help fire your neurons so that your muscular and nervous system function properly.

Sports drinks can replace many of these minerals but then you have to deal with the sugars and artificial sweeteners that accompany some of the more popular brands. I personally do not like consuming sugars or artificial sweeteners unless I’m having my cheat meal so when I re-hydrate, I need something MORE effective that also doesn’t increase my sugar intake.

So if water is not enough and popular sports drinks are not the answer, what then??


Over the years of training, the two biggest issues I’ve ever had with recovery are soreness and post-training fatigue. Soreness is always taken care of with adequate sleep and a solid Whey Protein + BCAA combo [Onnit’s Whey is Also pretty damn good] but fatigue is a whole other story.

The thing is, no matter how much water you drink after a training session, or how many BCAAs or Whey you consume, it is still challenging to replenish vital minerals and nutrients. Proper diet can take care of this naturally but the quickest hack to adequately rehydrating is with a SOLID, ELECTROLYTE MIX

Mineral Electrolytes – A low-sugar drink mix that promotes long-duration performance by maintaining optimal water and electrolyte balance.

In order to optimize muscle function and maintain a proper electrolye balance, Onnit’s Electrolyte mix is a game changer. For one, not only does it taste fantastic, it also helps me recover from intense training sessions and leaves me feeling much better than when I don’t take it.

The thing is, if you’re not taking electrolytes after losing a few lbs of sweat, you are not going to adequately recover in time for your next training session.

Here’s How the Electrolyte Mix works

Sodium Bicarbonate: To help with Fatigue

Potassium: Muscle and Nervous System Function

Calcium: Muscular Function

Magnesium: Help with strength gains and common Magnesium Deficiencies

Palatinose: Natural, low glycemic sweetener derived from Beets

Who is This For?

Onnit Electrolytes is for anyone who sweats a lot for work or any other high intensity exercise such as Jiu-jitsu or other combat sports. If you train more than the average person, this needs to be a staple in your diet. Why? Because in order to perform at an optimal level, you’ll need to replace the minerals your body loses. Onnit Electrolytes is how you get that done.

Put simply, your body needs these chemicals in order to function at a molecular level. When you train, your body loses these molecules naturally which can lead to poor performance and terrible recovery.

Who am I?

My name is Ricardo. I’m a black belt and I’ve been training for over 10 years. Let me tell you, if you’re training hard and sweat a lot, your body simply NEEDS to have its electrolytes replaced to restore balance.

One thing I absolutely hate in training is muscle cramps. One thing I hate after training is being so fatigued that it takes a gallon of water and a quick nap to start feeling refreshed again.

I have been LOVING Onnit’s electrolyte blend in training. It has made my two-a-days much more manageable and I’m not near as tired after training which leaves me able to teach classes and get other tasks done more effectively. I encourage you to give it a shot.

Some things you’ll notice are:

  1. The taste is cool and refreshing and is effervescent. Some people may not like this but personally, I think it is a great touch.
  2. It mixes well and goes down bubbly smooth like a recovery Vodka Soda
  3. Can be added to other onnit products to make more flavorful drinks such as this post training Coco-Lime drink

According to the reviews, here’s what some people had to say:

“This stuff has saved me. I used to wake up to cramps in the middle of the night even when drinking a ton of water. I don’t do the sugary “electrolyte drinks” so this has been a game changer for me working long days out in the woods.” -Jayman

“Tastes great and i feel great after a hard workout. I like to mix it with a smoothie on of days or use it in their margarita recipe”.- Ed Rex

“Have been taking the Glutamine with Creatine and Mineral Electrolytes about an hour before working out and definitely have noticed an uptick in endurance, reps, etc. Was previously not taking any of the three and there has been a marked improvement in capability since introducing this concoction.” -Ryne

“Great and yet subtle flavor profile. A useful and supplement in my Keto diet that I noticed made measurable difference. If you want quality, I recommend this product.”- Anonymous

“I’m a big fan of this product. I often train heavy powerlifting coupled with ultra marathon training most day and this is a staple in my supplementing game. Would recommend to anyone who needs some extra help rehydrating. It also tastes amazing to me.” -Joseph P


These electrolytes have been my new Go-To in the struggle to recover from intense training sessions.

Mineral Electrolytes has been great for Gi, NoGi, lifting and sprinting. I have used it at LEAST once daily and sometimes twice on Two-a-Days.

I can tell you now, that this electrolyte mix combined with a good, whey supplement and some creatine are my new stack.

Don’t delay, click the photo to your right and check out how Onnit’s Mineral Electrolyte blend can help keeping you recovered and feeling great between training.

Onnit Electrolyte Rehydration

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